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Yashica DSB 50mm 1:1.9 (C/Y-Mount)

Yashica DSB 50mm 1:1.9 (C/Y-Mount)

Sample Images - Yashica DSB 50mm 1:1.9 (C/Y-Mount)

The lens is equipped with the C/Y bayonet (Contax/Yashica bayonet) introduced in 1974 and was one of the standard lenses for the Yashica FR / FR I SLR cameras.

The Yashica DSB lenses are generally considered to be not as powerful as the manufacturer's ML lenses. The reason for this is the simpler coating, whereas the ML lenses (ML = Multi Layer) have a multi-layer coating. On the other hand, the DSB lenses are considerably cheaper than the ML lenses.

Yashica was taken over by Kyocera in 1983. However, Yashica cameras and lenses continued to exist until the complete camera production was discontinued in 2005.

Technical data Yashica DSB 50mm f/1.9:

Optical Construction: 6 elements, 4 groups
Aperture: 1.9 to 16, 6 blades
Closest Focusing Distance: 0.5 m
Filter Diameter: 52 mm
Protective cap lens: screwed into filter thread on my specimen
Weight: 197 g (own measurement)
Housing: metal

Camera: Sony A7 III (24 Megapixel)